Who is Peter Woodhead?

Peter Woodhead is an Information Publisher and an advocate of creating online products and marketing them using a simple, step-by-step process he refers to as: “bite-sized-chunks.”

Peter Shows Others How To Do The Same

He shows others how to do the same via his “Million Dollar Publisher” program which is a 52 week online course.

The course delivered in 52 weekly Lessons, by eMail, consisting of 10-15 pages of content, an assignment, and suggested further reading. The course is complemented with dozens of Bonuses, Special Reports, and other complimentary tools.

Peter’s Biography

After spending many decades as a Chartered Electrical Engineer, Peter started his online business in 2003 by joint venturing with Yanik Silver.

He went on to not only create his own products but to manage his own live events. He co-hosted events with Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, the late Ted Nicholas plus many others. He also ran his own successful workshops.

Peter ‘The Author’

Peter is the author of a book by the same name as this website. It is an ideal primer, and reference, for anyone wanting to set up their own publishing business – either online or offline.

The book is Jam-packed with 300 pages of pure information on how to set up your own publishing business – for under $500

The book is available on Amazon.com

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