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ATTENTION: Confused people who want to build an online business

“Build Your Own Online Business Using Easily Obtainable,
and Unique, Products –
 At A Very Low Cost”

“In Just a Few Hours of Each Week Transform The Life
You Have Now
Into A Life That You Could Only Dream Of”


Below, you will find out what business you should get into (so you can quit your day job and live in style and comfort with zero money worries).

You will also discover:

                        How to make a plan that guarantees you’re on the right path

                          If you’re tired of buying online products that tell you “what to do” but not “how to do” then here’s a solution for you

                        That you have finally found a website where you can get answers to your questions

                          You have found the motherlode of information that you have been craving for

                         How to go from that frustrated, confused, desperate, cheated, angry and bored feeling, to one of excitement, joy and abundance




Peter Woodhead

From the desk of Peter Woodhead

Location: York, UK.

Date: 2nd. April 2023

Dear Friend,

“Does The Thought of Starting An Online Business Excite You?
… Or Intimidate You?”

Stop right there!

Are you frightened by all the work you have to do?

Do you feel overwhelmed by it all?

Do you feel uncomfortable with technical issues?

Most people do.

Do you suffer from procrastination? Not knowing where to start. Not knowing what order everything has to be done.

Most people do.

And what about the technical stuff? Do you feel confident? Or do you struggle?

Most people do.

Are you a perfectionist? If you are a relative newcomer to the world of Internet Marketing – most people spend an enormous amount of time trying to make things – just so.

Do any of the following describe you right now:

  • New, or relatively new, to the world of online marketing?
  • Struggling with trying to create product ideas?
  • Tried marketing on the internet but with little or no success?
  • Frustrated with your current situation?
  • Would like to replace (and eventually multiply) your current income with a work-at-home-business?
  • Want to supplement your retirement income?

If you answered “yes” to most, or even any of the above questions, then this letter could be the Holy Grail that you’ve been looking for.

The majority of people feel over-whelmed when it comes to trying to create an online product. Let alone the frustrations of trying to upload it to the internet and then the marketing of that product.

Does this describe you?

Most people think that you have to complete all the steps (and there are literally dozens of them) all in one go.

The problem with that strategy is that you’ll end up completing nothing, or nothing done properly. Maybe you’ve already experienced this.

But your biggest problem of all, is time. The clock is ticking away for all of us.

Maybe you already have a full-time job. Or you are recently retired, but active – and when each day is done – you’re bushed. I know that I used to be. The last thing you want to do is to try and figure out all this stuff by yourself. It would take you forever.

I have witnessed this many times over the years.

I have witnessed people trying to produce their own products but with very little success. They either give up or they run out of resources.

Trying to do everything yourself is just not practical.

You need a “short cut”.

“I Know Exactly What It’s Like”

I know exactly how you feel.  So relax!

I used to feel exactly the same way. I really wanted to succeed at this internet thingy but I could never seem to put all the pieces together.

I went to seminar after seminar. Read this book and that book. Bought this product and that product. All in the hope that I might break into this mystical ”insider club” of Internet Marketing.

I never dreamed that things could get so tough.

I was always in search of that next “shiny object” that was going to make things work for me.

And did it?  Nope.  Never even got close.

Does that sound familiar?

“Does This Sound a Better Life To You?”

I’d heard so much about ordinary people making a good living online, so I wanted a piece of that “Internet Lifestyle” that I’d heard so much about.

What I liked, and I’m sure that you would too, was the idea of making money in my pyjamas. A business model that once set up, ran itself. A business model where sales made are processed automatically and the money you accrue gets deposited directly into your bank account.

I was amazed that all this could happen on auto-pilot.

It’s a business that you can not only operate from your own home but from anywhere in the world. That is, if you have your laptop alongside and a trusty access to the internet.

And these are just a few of the benefits that I really like about this business – you don’t need to:

  • Talk to anyone
  • Handle any of the goods that you sell
  • Have employees
  • Commute to work anymore (that’s one of my favorites – I hated commuting)

All the above kinda fit the model that I had in mind.

Further down in this message you will discover that making money online is being done by ordinary people, 24/7, every day of the year.

By people just like you and me.

People are yearning for information. It’s our job to just give it to them.

“What You Need is a System”

You need a system. A system whereby you …

  • Identify a hungry Niche.  A Niche that you are also passionate about
  • Create products for that Niche.  Not in weeks or months … but in days

  • Establish a web presence so that people can find you

  • Compose your sales material such that it entices your visitors to buy from you

  • Set-up a money-taking mechanism that deposits money automatically into your bank account

  • Test (with a small amount of paid for traffic) that your website converts well – tweak it a little if necessary

  • Drive gobs of visitors to your website – from lots of different sources

  • Make sales – which you will if you’ve done all the previous steps correctly

  • Make more sales

  • Repeat the process as many times as you like

  • Create more and more products at ever greater price points

Phew!  Quite a few steps there to negotiate and each of them can be broken down still further.  For example, take the first two bullets in that list. 

These two steps are critical to your success.  Pick the wrong Niche, and your prospective customers will latch on to your lack of passion.

Secondly, if you’re comfortable with your chosen Niche, I can show you multiple ways to find terrific (and cost effective) products that will satisfy
your chosen Niche.  You will only be limited by your own imagination.

Now imagine this …

“It’s a Whole New Way of Life”

Here’s how a typical day could be for you.

You go to bed when you want to (I never go to bed the same day as I get up!)

You wake up when you want to.

You leisurely take a shower, followed when it suits you by your breakfast, with perhaps the morning paper

The point is – you are beholding to no-one,

It’s now gone past 9 a.m. or even 10 a.m.

You fire up your lap top (I prefer working with a laptop – I can move it around the house easier).

You push a few keys to access your eMail and …


You have 24 new orders. Seven at $47, fifteen at $17, and two at $97. All received since you went to bed the previous evening (or early a.m.).

And the beauty of all this is that you didn’t have to do a thing.

Nothing!  Nada!  Zilch!

It’s all taken care of automagically by systems that you have in place.

Your orders have been taken. The money has been deposited into your account ($778). And you haven’t even reached lunch-time yet.

That’s $778 is destined for your bank account.

Surely that figure will increase as the day progresses.

But you won’t be glued to your laptop screen. You will either be working on your next project or doing whatever it is that you do for the rest of the day.

But .. you will be sure to do something pro-active every day (it’s a rule).

Now, Just imagine …

… this is a typical day. Maybe not your best, and probably not your worst either.

Some days you will do exceptionally well. Maybe somebody (one of your Affiliates) will have promoted one of your products.

“Is Information Publishing the Perfect Business?”

I think so.

You can decide where you want to live.

You decide what hours you work.

You are your own boss.

Just in case you’re thinking it’s complicated. It’s not.

It is a simple process.  And you require no special skills.

Of course, if you are a relative newcomer, it may appear to be difficult. But when you break it all down, it’s not that difficult at all.

Just think. Your own money-pumping business run entirely from wherever you like, enabling you to pick up the phone and book a few weeks away – at any time of your choosing.

Cruises. Those are my favorites. Hawaii (another one of my top vacation spots). Or Hong Kong and on to Bali, Fiji, and Australia.

Yes, I’ve done all of the above.  And much more.  Several times!

It’s a dream lifestyle that is achievable.  I know because I’ve done it.  And continue to do it.

And if you’re superstitious, and think Friday 13th. is bad luck, then click here to see what I did on a particular ‘Black Friday.’

As you can see, I don’t just talk about. I actually do it.

$1000 a month would not be uncommon for each product.

Neither would $1000 a week.  Or $1000 a day.

But you can’t run before you can walk.

“You Must Have a Strong Foundation”

Here’s a (very) short story of how I got involved in all this.

My background was simple. I was an engineer. Reasonable career – but for the most part – boring.

I just knew there was something better.

I’d read a lot about making a living online.

I thought that working from home, setting things up (the right way), and making money automatically as a result would be ideal.

That definitely fitted the model that I had in mind.

I wouldn’t say that I was cautious in the beginning. More like thorough (I guess my engineering background came into play here).

I knew that I wanted to know how this was all done but I wanted to do it right. After all, I’d been to lots of seminars, read a lot of eBooks, invested in product after product, but I found nothing that showed me – from cradle to grave – how it all fit together.

Lots of materials that I acquired explained “what to do” but none of them explained “how to do it.”

After all the bumpf that I had digested, I still had no incline of what type of product sold well on the internet.

So I decided to research who was already doing this and doing it right.  What were they selling?

From my engineering days. I knew that you can’t discover everything at once. In fact, in the beginning, I had to serve an apprenticeship and learn from masters of their trade. That took years. 5 years in fact.

And, on top of that, I attended College and Uni for 6+ years.

I reckoned it was about the same with this internet stuff.  But I didn’t want to spend years mastering the topic.  Months maybe – but not years.

There were no places to go and get an apprenticeship.  No recognized colleges existed that after 3 years you came away with a degree in Internet Marketing.

Nothing like that existed and I believe, still doesn’t.

What I wanted was a guide.  Somebody to show me how to do it.  What I needed was a mentor.

I looked all over the Internet for people who were already successful and me, being me, wanted to “apprentice” myself to the best.

Enter – Yanik Silver.

Yanik became my mentor for a whole year.  He’s now a good friend.

He laid the foundations for what is now my entire online (and offline) business.

Yanik should need no introduction, but just in case you’ve never heard of him, he’s a multi-millionaire marketer and host of the ultra-successful Underground Seminars and Maverick Adventures.

“If You Get The Opportunity of Obtaining Peter’s Products – Don’t Hesitate”

“I worked with Peter for 12 months. He was one of my original apprentices and is currently a member of my elite Mastermind group.

“I also spoke at one of Peter’s events, we then co-hosted a joint venture together, and, as a prolific speaker all around the globe, I have to say that the quality of everything at those events was top drawer.

“I have naturally followed Peter’s progress and I have to say that if you get the opportunity of obtaining Peter’s products, don’t hesitate. They are full of content and incredibly cost effective.”

Yanik Silver headshot

Yanik Silver

And this was myself and Yanik at the London Underground Seminar handing out a check for $10,000 to Phil Gosling – the adjudged “best” speaker on the week-end.

Ted Nicholas (in the background) was a worthy runner-up.

Phil Gosling Check

                                                                                                                     Presenting $10,000 to Phil Gosling

Alas, Yanik doesn’t do his Apprenticeship Program any more, and even if he did, what would a whole year of his time cost today?

Another master marketer who has influenced me a lot is Jim Edwards.  Jim is a real down-to-earth marketer.  

He says it how it is.

No fluff. No B.S.

I keep in touch with Jim on a fairly regular basis. We’re good friends too.

I also hosted a workshop with Jim which, if I say so myself, was awesome.

Jim Edwards' Workshop
Jim Edwards’ Workshop

Jim and Yanik convinced me that what people are looking for on the Internet is information. Their philosophy is – give it to them.

So, I started my own Information Publishing business, and I’ve never looked back once.

I owe so much to Jim and Yanik for setting me on the right track.

And now I’m giving you the opportunity to discover what they showed me, but, with my own slant on things.

All you need is that first product. Do that right, and all you have to do is “rinse and repeat” with further products … over and over again.

I’ve showed people how to do what I do since 2005 and new technology (e.g. Artificial Intelligence and Chat-GPT) is making it easier and more profitable than ever before.

But if you don’t have a system to follow, how will you progress?

You cannot hope to “get it” all in one go.  Each piece of the “jigsaw” needs to be mastered before moving on to the next piece.

That’s the way I grasped my engineering skills.  It’s also the way Yanik and Jim showed me how to succeed with Internet Marketing.

Now it’s your chance.

“What Really Works is a Step-by-Step Approach”

I mentioned earlier about being over-whelmed.  I used to feel that way too.

Many times I suffered from “Information Overload”

We homo sapiens are not very good at multi-tasking.

You have to take a step-by-step approach.

Only when you have mastered one step, do you proceed with the next.

I know this sounds too obvious but I can say to you that the mindset of the majority of people is not that way. They seem to want to be able to run before they can walk.

Trust me when I say that there is no such thing as “get rich quick” in the online world. There can’t be. Otherwise everybody would be rich.

Just like apprenticeships of old, you discover how to do one thing – master it – and then move on to the next thing.

“Your Biggest Opportunity is Right Now”

If you read on further …

You will discover how to create your own profitable Internet Business by using the same techniques that I use.

In just a few weeks (or months depending on your product, experience and/or work ethic) you could be raking in cash just like many others are.

But fair warning:  Do not think, even for a fraction of a second, that this will happen overnight.  You have to serve your apprenticeship.

But if you do that (and do it diligently), then you will be successful.

Success online is 20% preparation and 80% marketing.

Become an Information Publisher and start building your own online empire. You can start as early as today!

Here’s how you can do it …

“Introducing: ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ A Step-by-Step Training Program
for Starting and Running a Successful Publishing Empire”

I have developed “Million Dollar Publisher” to show you how to create and market your own information products – the right way.

Each step of the way, from tiny beginnings, like finding a market, all the way to advanced marketing techniques, is thoroughly explained.

And all explained in manageable, comprehensive Modules.

With each Module further broken down into short Lessons.

Each Lesson taking about one hour of study. And every one of them written in plain, easy-to-understand layman’s terms. You’d be hard-pressed to find any jargon.

I call these Lessons: “bite-sized chunks”

I started this service way back in 2007 and feedback has proved that this approach works, and works well. It has now been up-dated to reflect modern techniques – including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat-GPT

The latest up-date being May 2023.

The Lessons make even the most daunting of tasks look simple.

Simple to understand and simple to put into practice.

I created this program because I knew the frustration in getting products online and selling like hot-cakes. I really struggled with technical issues myself at first.

But you won’t have to struggle. I’ve done all the heavy lifting. No detail has been left out.

This program is not one of those get-rich-schemes.

But if ‘get-rich-quick’ is what you want, then this program is NOT for you. This is a ‘get-rich-slow’ program.

I learned my engineering skills over a period of years.

I learned my online skills over a period of a year. 52 weeks in fact.

Now it’s your turn!

Here’s how the Million Dollar Publisher 52 week program is constructed:

The program comprises of 10 Modules:

  • Preliminary Lessons that ensure you will start on firm foundations

  • Creating your offer which will make it a “no brainer” for your visitors

  • Composing your conversion piece – your secret of success – your Sales Copy will convert Prospects into Customers

  • Establishing a web presence.  Nothing fancy but a well-structured website will give you an edge and attract Customers

  • You don’t have to do it all yourself – once understood – you can, and should, leave the nuts and bolts to the experts and concentrate on marketing

  • The money’s in the marketing – your success will be 20% building and 80% marketing

  • Know your numbers if you want to out-wit your competitors

  • Quick traffic with paid-for-advertising gets you quick sales.  PPC marketing, done right, can bring you many sales

  • Getting organic (or free) traffic takes time but will ‘bring home the bacon’ for years to come

  • Back-end product ideas

Each of those 10 Modules is broken down into easily digestible Lessons – which have been proven to work extremely well – if the program is followed.

Trying to jump ahead, has proven not to work well at all.

Stick to the program sequence and you will have the best chance of success. Previous students of the program have proven that.

“There Are People Just Like You Who Are Making a Real Go Of It”

Below are some examples of people who have become ultra successful using the same techniques that I use:

Case Study #1:

Washington Lady Gives Books Away For Free

How a lady from Washington uses just one book that she gives away for free to attract visitors to her website. She then sells them other products such as CDs etc.

Case Study #2:

Wrestling Fan From Florida Turns Home Study Course Into DVDs

One man who took a simple home study course and turned that into a manual and a set of DVDs selling for $597 each.

He now publishes other health and fitness related products in his multi-million dollar publishing business. His turnover is $6 million plus, per year.

Case Study #3:

Canadian Hobbyist Only Works a Few Hours Yet Creates a Full-Time Income

This Canadian lady creates and sells hundreds of products to a specialist craft market every month.

Yet she only works a few hours each week.

Case Study #4:

Marketer Packages Hundreds of eBooks and Sells Them On His Membership Site

Another man packages his Information Products into a membership site.

He charges an up-front fee to join and monthly memberships thereafter. His latest figures showed a membership of over 1000 – each contributing $37 every month.

And all he does is provide hundreds of eBooks.

All the above self publishers get their Information Products from the same sources that I do.

They then use their imagination to turn those products into unique offers that prove irresistible to their customers.

“This is a Very Low Cost Business To Start and Operate”

This is a very low-cost, and sometimes a no-cost way, to find unique products.

You can start part-time (like I did in the beginning) and work your way up to full-time as your revenues increase.

You can do this. It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s low cost but it’s highly profitable.

You will discover how to find these unique products at ridiculous prices (just a few dollars).

I could really hype up what can be done but I’m not promising that you will emulate the Case Studies I just highlighted – but you will be able to make a very tidy income the way that I show you how to do things.

Here’s what 9 Billion Dollar Publisher Ted Nicholas had to say about what I do:

“Don’t Stop – I Know You Find Some Real Nuggets”

“Peter, you have done a great job of breathing life back to these old works. Books written all those years ago were not just good then, they were even better than books written today.

“Don’t stop doing it. I know you find some real nuggets of gold”.

Ted Nicholas

Ted Nicholas

Now Ted, if you haven’t heard of him, was known as the 9 Billion Dollar Publisher.

Yes, that’s Billion with a ‘B’.

You can ‘Google’ Ted to find out more about him.

Ted liked what I did so much, that he agreed to co-host an event with me. That was a terrific privilege for me. One that I will treasure forever.

Ted was also a guest speaker at the London Underground seminar that I co-hosted with Yanik.

Sadly, Ted passed away in 2020. He will be sorely missed by everyone.  

“Turn Your Hobby or Expertise Into Extra Income”

You can re-publish works in just about any topic under the sun. Here are just a few of the many Niches you could choose:

  • Exercise and fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Anti-aging
  • Herbal remedies
  • Investment
  • Magic
  • Human psychology
  • Marriage/relationships
  • Hobbies and crafts
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Chess
  • Sleep
  • Self-help

The list could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

What do all the above Niches have in common?

Answer:  they are all evergreen topics

And they have a rabid following. Tens of thousands of fans spend hour after hour, and dollar after dollar, in pursuit of their passion.

They want more information. They just soak it up like a sponge.

Your job (and mine), as Information Publishers, is to just give it to them.

They certainly have the passion, and they are willing to spend their spare cash to meet their insatiable appetites.

They just need you to make it easy for them.

Read that last sentence again:


The Million Dollar Publisher’s 10 Modules are broken down into:

“Bite-Sized Chunks” and every week, for one full year, you get an eMail.

That eMail will contain a specific download link for that week’s Lesson.

Most Lessons contain screenshots or videos so you can watch me performing all the tasks.

Just like me being in the room with you.

So you will observe exactly how each part of the whole process is achieved.

Over 52 weeks you will get Lessons that show you how to:

  • Identify markets that have rabid buyers for your products

  • Choose hungry markets for your published works so that you will never be short of prospects

  • Find a supply of rare and hard-to-find works that cost little or sometimes nothing

  • Create unique offers that will sell like crazy. No one else will ever have the same products as you

  • Create a web presence for your products. Never worry about technophobia – anybody can do this

  • Get more of your prospects to buy from you. Get this right and your profits will double, triple, quadruple or more

  • Set up your automatic process for sales and keep in touch with your Prospects and Customers

  • Drive insane amounts of traffic to your website. You will be shown more than 20 different ways to get more eyeballs
    on your offers (to see what some of these are: click here)

“And there’s More …”

The Lessons are not just ‘bite-sized chunks’ of information.

At the end of each Lesson there are “Assignments” for you to complete.


You need to take ACTION and not just soak up the content.

These Assignments give you the accountability if you want to succeed.

Click here to see a sample Assignment from Module #1

Instead of presenting all this information in some massive manual (which would amount to 1,000+ pages) you will get each Lesson
available to you weekly – sent by eMail.

And every Lesson will have Assignments at the end.  Since this program’s inception, it has been proven that the candidates that
completed every Assignment, were the ones that went on to succeed.

The format of all the Lessons is simple. The first few Lessons will give you a basic overview of the whole process: the 30,000 Foot
View as I like to call it.

Here are the titles of some of the 52 Lessons you will receive if you decide to join the ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ program:

  • How to Find a Hot Topic which will ensure a steady flow of cash-hungry visitors to your website

  • How to ‘Brand’ your chosen Topic – within months, people will recognize your website

  • How to Put Together Your Irresistible Offer – meaning that visitors will just gotta have what you are selling

  • How To Get Your Website on The Internet – forget technophobia – this breaks it all down into easy steps

  • A Neat Little Way That Drives Gobs of Traffic to Your Website, and at little cost meaning that your profit margins will be 90%+

  • Getting an Army of People to promote your Product that multiply your earnings exponentially AND build your list

  • Some Secrets of S.E.O. that You Need to Know, secrets that will get you found by targeted buyers

  • Adding video to your website and promoting gets results. People respond to different modalities, and video is proven
    to be the best medium

  • Everyone thinks that Membership sites are cool but here’s an alternative model – all marketers should have a member
    site in their marketing toolbox – everyone loves residual income

  • Understand Why People Buy – and you will never have a shortage of Customers

And the above is just a brief description of 10 of the 52 Lessons within ‘Million Dollar Publisher

All 52 Lessons are crammed full of information, with not just ‘what to do’ information but also the all-important ‘how to do’ information.

“But Wait!  There’s Still More.  Lots More!”

At the end of the 52 weeks, there will be something really special for you. By the time your final Lesson hits your Inbox, you will be in a position to make more money than you ever thought possible. So, when you have completed the 52 week program, I’ll be sending you a Special Bonus to help you even more with your marketing.

Can’t say too much about it here, but it will be well worth waiting for.

I call it a: “Graduation Bonus”

But that’s not the only Bonus that you will be receiving.  Far from it.

“In Addition To The 52 Lessons and The Special ‘Graduation Bonus’
You Will Also Get Tools, Special Reports, Workbooks, and Other ‘Goodies’

“In Fact .. So Much Value I Can’t List Them All Here”

Yes, you read that correctly. You will receive a plethora of really useful and unique Bonuses.

Throughout the 52 week program, there will be ‘Bonuses’ in addition to your 52 Lessons.  There will be lots of these.  More than 50 of them!!

Don’t think for a moment that these are just some kind of filler material.

They will be complementary to the core material – of course.

But just any old Bonuses?


Every single one of them will be useful to you.

One of the Bonuses that you will receive will be a downloadable copy of my book.  Aptly titled: Million Dollar Publisher.  I believe it would be an excellent primer for the program. Expect this to drop into your Inbox during Module #1

Million Dollar Publisher Book
Million Dollar Publisher

Plus these VERY readable best-sellers of yesteryear.

Brought back to life only for this Million Dollar Publisher program.

Scientific Advertising                                                                                                                                         

Scientific Advertising
By Claude Hopkins

The title says it all!

Hopkins reckoned that just placing advertisements and hoping for the best was nota good strategy.  Pure guesswork and a waste of money.

He wanted to measure everything that he did.  And we should all be glad that he did. Hopkins wrote ‘Scientific Advertising’ in 1923 (give or take,  that’s 100 years ago).  He was way ahead of his time.

Top marketers of today regard this book as their “how-to” Bible.  

David Ogilvy  had this to say: “Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read Scientific Advertising seven times – it completely changed my life.”



Reason Why Advertising
By John E. Kennedy

If ever there was a book that contained the “secrets” of successful, and consequently, the secrets of success in business – this is it.

The world of business owes a debt of gratitude to John E. Kennedy.

Albert Lasker, director of top advertising agency Lord and Thomas (who hired Kennedy) said it best in 1904:  “The history of advertising could never be written without first place being given to John E. Kennedy, for every copywriter throughout the length and breadth of  this land is today being guided by the principles he laid down.”


  Obvious Adams                                                                                                                            

Obvious Adams
By John Updegraff

A classic story of a successful businessman, who, in 1916,  in the field of  advertising  achieved tremendous business success by first applying a good dose of common sense and just doing: “the obvious.”

This book is only 40 pages in length but a good, quick read.  A must or your virtual library.


Success Nuggets                                                                                                                            

Success Nuggets
by Orison Swett Marden

You may, or may not have heard of Orison Swett Marden, but he was the mentor of none other than Napoleon Hill and founder of the modern success movement and Success Magazine which is still i print today.

I all, Marden authored over 80 books.  A phenomenal achievement given is poor back-ground.  

These Success Nuggets are a collection of his success tips and secrets by this great pioneer.

And these two classics by Elmer Wheeler

Tested Public Speaking                                                                                                                                      

Tested Public Speaking
By Elmer Wheeler

Who is Elmer Wheeler?

I stumbled upon this top, top marketer over 20 years ago and “wow” – I made it my business to consume everything of his I could get my hands on.  Some of his books I have read more than seven times.

But he wasn’t just a great writer.  The talks he gave, all around the world, were regard at that time – electric!

If you want to make good presentations you owe it to yourself to devour this ork.


How To Make Your Day Creams Come True                                                              

How To Make Your Day Dreams Come True
By Elmer Wheeler

When investigating tis super-salesman it turns out that during the 30s, 40s, and 50s he was one of America’s top sales guys.

Even during the depression, he sold a record number of books.

This title is right up there to his usual standard.  You could say that he had a unique and unusual style.

Hint:  there will be ore of his books for you to download as part of this ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ program.

And two books you will NOT want to miss;

The Midas Method                                                                      

The Midas Method
By Stuart Goldsmith

You must have the right mindset.  In the ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ program, there is a whole Lesson devoted to the topic.

This book will be a welcome companion to that Lesson. 

But as well as having the right mindset, you need to plan and set goals – the right way.  Most people that set goals, do it wrongly.

This book will show you the right way.

It is required reading.


Seven Secrets Of The Millionaires                                                                               

Seven Secrets of The Millionaires
By Stuart Goldsmith

Do you really want to be a millionaire?

Are you willing to pay the price?

It all starts with a dream.  Then you set a plan in motion.  Then – stay disciplined.  

Finally, you need to take massive action.

This book will get you “fired-up” and is included as part of your ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ program.

Read it!  Take notes!  Read it again!

And believe it, or believe it not, another dozen or so more.  

Titles such as: 

                       How to Get Ideas

                        How To Put Yourself Across

                        What Makes Women Buy

                        How To Tap Your Hidden Sources of Energy

                        The Collier Letters

                        and much, much more

These are complete products: most of them 100-200+ pages in length.

Of course, I won’t be just dumping 50+ Bonuses on you, they will be distributed throughout the 52 weeks that you are in the program.

Remember when you were at college?

You didn’t get all the information by just sitting and listening to lectures. Did you?

No, you were expected to ‘read around’ your subject.  And so it is with ‘Million Dollar Publisher.’

You need further background information.

That’s what these added works are for – to be read alongside the Lessons.

To reinforce the message of what the Lessons are conveying.

The type of Bonuses you will receive (about one every week – but sometimes more), will be Special Reports, Tools, Software, Workbooks, and of course, bonus items as just described above.

Ask any top marketer today, and they will tell you that the secret to their success is attributable to two tings:  1.  The ability to rite, and recognize, good copy and 2. Knowing what makes people buy.

Quiz them still further, and they will admit to gaining the best of their knowledge from marketers that went before them.  The Claude Hopkins’,  The Elmer Wheeler’s, the David Ogilvy’s, the Ted Nicholas’

As part of this program, you will receive plenty of these classics – and more.

Special Reports

I may even add, throughout the 52 week program, a few ‘un-advertised’ Special Reports and Bonuses.

Warning: some of my Special Reports are a tad controversial.

Some Internet Marketers may not like some of the opinions that I have.


The Reports say it how it is (in my opinion).

You’ll not find any of these elsewhere because they were all written specifically for this program.

The Truth Special Report

Each Special Report, because of the content they contain, could quite easily be marketed for at least $47 (that’s very conservative). And you will receive at least 40 of them.

In all, you will be getting I estimate well in excess of $2,000 worth of really useful Bonuses.

(Click here to download now, at no cost, one of my Special Reports.)

As for background reading, I’ll also include my recommended, and up-to-date (as of April 2023):

‘Peter’s Recommended Book List.’

 And  Click here to access Peter’s Book List.

You do need to read around the topic of Internet Marketing and this booklist will be a fantastic reference that enables you to do just that.

In fact, at the end of most Lessons, I recommend a resource that Is applicable to the topic being discussed.

Note: There will be nothing on these lists that I do not have on my own bookshelf.

And yes, I have read every one of them – some more than once.

Some three and even four times.

A couple of them – seven and eight times.

Here’s what top marketer Martin Avis had to say about my “Million Dollar Publisher” program.

“You Can Be Sure That Peter is Determined To Over-Deliver”

“Peter’s ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ course is the result of a huge amount of work on his part. And it shows.

“When he first told me about his new course, I wasted no time and signed up. And by goodness have I been impressed at the depth and knowledge he shares and the easy way that he imparts that knowledge in bite-sized-chunks.

“So far, I’m up to Lesson #8 – and already I’ve received four un-advertised Bonuses! So you can be sure that Peter is absolutely determined to over-deliver.

“But what about the Lessons themselves?

“As you’ve probably worked out by now, success at Internet Marketing means mastering a collection of a lot of different disciplines and skills. The seeming confusion of all the different elements is what holds many (make that most) people back from even starting!

“Peter’s course simplifies the learning process for you by taking you through one thing each week.

“You’ll learn what it is you are about to learn, why it is important, how to do it properly, and how it fits in with other things you already know or are about to be taught in future weeks.

“And it is all done in clear language and without any fluff or waffle. It does all that – and sets you assignments for the week – in about 12 pages.

“I’m a fairly advanced marketer, but I’ve got something from each Lesson I’ve received – and look forward to their arrival like clockwork each week.

If you are a newbie, or someone with a little knowledge and a lot of confusion, prepare to have the shutters lifted from your eyes and the fog sucked out of your brain.

“There are lots of courses on how to ‘do’ Internet Marketing available.

“Some are absolute rubbish.  A few are good.

“Peter’s ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ is one of the best”.

Martin Avis

Martin Avis

Don’t forget. Besides all the Special Reports, I shall be sending you plenty of other Bonuses: tools, software, workbooks, checklists,
‘classic’ works, etc. that are mentioned above.

You will get over 60 Bonuses that supplement your course material.

“You will Get All That Has Been Mentioned For a
Surprisingly Affordable Price”

I’ve bought a lot of stuff online over the years. Ranging from $27 eBooks right up to $2,000+ product launches. And d’you know what?

Not one of them, gave me the BIG picture. Not a single one.

Maybe you’ve had the same experience.

Don’t get me wrong. There’ a lot of good stuff out there, you’ve just gotta be choosy about what you select.

You be the judge (and jury) and decide if  ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ is anything like some of the other products you have bought.

I’m willing to wager that it isn’t.

Million Dollar Publisher’ isn’t anywhere near close to a ‘big launch’ price either.  And I hope that by now I’ve convinced you that what I have been telling you is the truth. Because it is.

Those that know me, know that I under-promise and over-deliver.

If you want to build your own Publishing Business then these 52 weeks of step-by-step Lessons are as close as you can get to someone ‘looking over your shoulder’ as you do it.

[Like a Master and Apprentice relationship.  Just like I had with Yanik and Jim. That was back in 2003. But I remember it well]

In baby steps, I take you in detail into everything that you will need to do, in order to create and market your own products.

Don’t make the mistake either of thinking this 52 week program is just for newbies.

It isn’t.

It is also for all those that have tried marketing their own products and not been as successful as they might have wanted to be.

This is your chance to do it right. Baby-step by baby-step.

Here’s what some of my subscribers are saying:

“Your Million Dollar Publisher Course is Everything You Said and More”


“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your honesty.

“Your Million Dollar Publisher course is everything you said it would be and more. In this day of hype and over-promotion it is a real pleasure to find a product that goes above and beyond all the marketing claims.

“Your course does just that.

“I didn’t really know what to expect when you said that it would be ‘a lot of information.’ What I found out was that you weren’t kidding. It is a lot of stuff to absorb, but I like the way you’ve broken it up into logical, easy-to-digest segments.

“The Bonuses are great too! I look forward to my next Lesson every week.

“Thanks again”,

Bryan Stevens

“I Just Wish I’d Come Across Peter’s Course Months Ago”


“I thought I would put a few notes together about what a great program you have with ‘Million Dollar Publisher.’

“From all the eBooks, courses, CDs and other offerings I have seen – and paid for – yours is by far the most comprehensive and easiest to follow. For advanced ‘net-head’ and beginner alike, the screen shots and demonstrations make it easy enough for any level of user to follow.

“The screenshots are particularly helpful in that you can actually go to the website and follow along.

“So … before you invest another penny in any of the “get rich on the internet’ products, you owe it to yourself to checkout Peter’s Million Dollar Publisher.

“I just wish I had come across Peter’s course months ago.

“Thanks again Peter for a great investment and tool”.

Matthew Kuehnert

“The Structured Approach of These Lessons is Ideal For Me”

“Hi Peter,

“I wanted to drop you a note about your new Million Dollar Publisher course. I’m only on week 6 and I’m very part-time, but I’m already miles ahead of where I was a couple of months ago.

“The ‘simple and logical chain of events’ you describe in Lesson #1, filled a lot of the gaps for me. I feel I understand much better how the niche research and product creation process works.

“More importantly, I’ve taken on board your attitude to ‘do something pro-active every day’ – and all this from the first two Lessons.

“The structured approach of these Lessons is ideal for me – with manageable assignments to keep the process moving forward.

“I can’t wait to get to the marketing Lessons”.

Brendan McKeogh

“I’ve Not Seen Anything Else Quite Like It”


“Your Million Dollar Publisher programme is fantastic.

“The form of weekly Lessons in ‘bite-sized-chunks’ makes it so easy to understand and, more importantly, actually take action.

“The concise ‘homework’ assignments ensure consistent progress is made every week, unlike many other programs which simply result in ‘information overwhelm.’

“The Million Dollar Publisher program demonstrates a proven method, provides everything needed to succeed at information publishing and doesn’t require a great deal of time or money – I’ve not seen anything else quite like it!”

Diane Johnson

And click here to see what even more raving Customers have to say.

I suspect a lot of people new to the marketplace will want this course.

So I’m going to make it affordable to all.

It will be no-where near $2,000+ (although it would be well worth that).

It’s going to be affordable for every budget.

The price for a subscription to ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ Standard Version is … just $97 per month (for 12 months)

That’s less than the price of a family lunch out.

The program is 12 months long, and you can cancel anytime you choose, in the unlikely event that you’re not impressed or you’re not seeing results. Or for no reason at all.

But I know that if you follow the contents of the program, and complete all the Assignments, you can’t help but see results.
Is there a catch?

Yes – there is …

… you have to take ACTION.

You’re probably thinking that $97 is a small price.

But that’s not a mis-print. And do not be kidded by this low price.

And if you want to lock in an even better price, the program is available as a one-off payment of $977.

Yet even with this one-off payment option, the Lessons will still be delivered weekly.

That’s just how the whole system is set up.

Besides, if you were to receive all the Lessons at once I guarantee you would be over-whelmed and not follow the recommended sequence – always jumping around.

It would kinda defeat the whole object of the program – which is to deliver the information in a pre-defined sequence.

And more importantly, to be consumed in bite-sized chunks.

“The Price of ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ Has Been Increased Several Times
in the Past and Will Be Increased Again – So Don’t Wait on This”

When this program was in its infancy back in 2007, little did I realize the “monster” that I created.

Since that initial launch – the program has kinda “grown legs.”

As a whole, the package is huge.  More than 1,000 pages.

Yet another reason for it being delivered in bite-sized chunks.

I would never want to market a product of this nature as one big lump of material.

That would be information overload on a grand scale and contrary to my belief that a step-by-step approach is the way to go.

But if you register now, you are guaranteed to be grand-fathered (or grand-daughtered) in at the current price.

Furthermore, the program will not be left ‘open’ indefinitely.

When a set number of subscribers have registered, that’s it, the program will be closed.

And, barring a significant number of subscribers quit (and I certainly wouldn’t recommend that) – the program will not re-open for one whole year.

If you think that this limitation to joining is some kind of marketing ploy.

You’d be wrong.

Check back (at a later date) and you may find that the current allocation of subscribers has been fulfilled.

Access to  ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ may be temporarily suspended.

Since this program first launched, back in 2007, it has been off the market and up-dated – several times.

It will always be kept up-to-date with current trends and technology – for example Artificial Intelligence and Chat-GPT have been added and will be kept up-dated.

“In the Unlikely Event That You Are Not Delighted For Any Reason
– Or For No Reason – Clickbank Will Return Your Investment Immediately”

Now, how confident am I that ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ will bring you results?

Very confident. Besides all the testimonials you have read …

“Million Dollar Publisher” is sold through Clickbank, which means that I have to abide by their rules.

Clickbank offers you a 56 day money back guarantee. That’s OK with me.

Because I know that the contents of this program are first rate and you will be delighted with the program but even better, with the results that you get.

It’s nice to know that a refund is available should you be dissatisfied.

Clickbank are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products, so if you are not satisfied at any time, you can get your money back
without having to rely on me actioning any refund.

Clickbank will give you an instant refund.

“Crikey!  I Almost Forgot.
My ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ Program Contains One Final Element”

When I was ‘learning the ropes’ back in 2003, I have a confession to make – I struggled.

Maybe it was because I knew nothing.

And maybe that was a good thing (no bad habits to get rid of).

But it also meant that I had to learn everything from ground zero.

But even back then – I knew that I could only do one piece of that king-size jigsaw puzzle at once.

Up until now, I have outlined what my ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ program can do for you.

But as complete as I think it is – I still felt as though something more was needed.

Something that really rammed home the step-by-step approach that I know works like gangbusters.

Then it hit me.

Like a wet kipper right across my face.

I’d put together my ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ 52 week program, but I couldn’t help thinking: heck – some folk might think:

              “O.K. I get it, but it’s all theory to me. I’ve tried to follow step-by-step instructions before and, to a point it, worked well.
              But I often got stuck.  And no matter how many times I tried – I couldn’t get myself un-stuck.”

So I thought to myself. Yeah, that sort of thing used to happen to me.

And, me being me, I sought out a solution by talking to a webmaster.

I would not be beaten.

When I got stuck – which was often – I wanted answers, and I wanted them quick.

Like a Rottweiler I was – I wouldn’t let go.

All that led me to thinking: what if people followed my step-by-step pieces of the jigsaw, but still got stuck.

Million Dollar PublisherThat’s when I had an epiphany.

That’s when ‘Peter’s Pet Project’ was born. 

What is ‘Peter’s Pet Project’?  You may ask.  Well it’s certainly nothing to do with Rotweilers.

Peter’s Pet Project (PPP), is an addition to each Lesson whereby I follow my own directions, just as if I had joined the program myself.

And I started at the beginning by first choosing my Niche, registering a Domain Name, and, and, and.

PPP will serve as an additional piece of clarification for those that invest in the program – a sort of ‘belts and braces’ approach, meaning that you get the step-by-step detail not once, but twice.

And I get to show complete transparency of how I cobble together a new project.

My head is on the block with PPP.  I will be accountable – to you dear reader. 

If I can’t produce and market an Information Product in the allotted time (i.e. 52 weeks) then it will be embarrassing for me.  More to the point, if the Sales Copy doesn’t convert – that will be an even bigger                                                 Million Dollar Publisher Complete Program                                                   embarrassment for me.

And if the weekly sales don’t amount to much – that too will be embarrassing.

Whatever the outcome – it will make for a very interesting little project.

Will it be a success?  Or will it be a failure?  Or will it be a middle-of-the-road type of product?

So join:  ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ and catch a ride on Mr. Toad’s wild journey.

It will be a roller-coaster ride like no other!

Below is a snapshot of a part of Lesson #10 (from my PPP project) – which describes my marketing Funnel.

In previous PPPs sections, I identified my Niche, registered my Domain Name, identified my Ideal Prospect, organized my Branding,  plus much, much more.

Here’s that snippet from Lesson #10:


This is where the fun starts for me.  

I sincerely hope that by now you are beginning to “get it.” I know when I first started on this crazy journey called “Internet Marketing”, little did I realize what was ahead of me.

I just thank my mentors, Yanik and Jim, for giving me the direction. Otherwise, I may not have survived.

I suspect I am very much like you – dear reader. I’m a Mr. Average, or maybe just a tad above average because I don’t give up. I’m persistent.

I do understand how you feel if you are a total beginner. When you are on a journey such as this, you go through many different emotions. It’s only natural that you think it’s all too much to take in. But don’t give in.

That’s the reason I created this program. I know only too well what it’s like. When I first started this internet thingy – I was a complete internet “virgin.”

I knew how to use Word. I was familiar with spreadsheets etc. but I knew absolutely nothing about marketing. It was never my background.

It’s also no co-incidence that this program is exactly one year in length.

That’s the time frame that Yanik gave me all those years ago. Of course, a lot has changed since then. And this program you are currently on has been updated to reflect those changes. As I write this, it is early 2023.

I’ll probably need to re-write this again in ten years’ time – if not before.

The world of the Internet changes rapidly. But every now and then a major change hits us. One such major change, described by some as being as big as the internet itself, is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This program has therefore added a Lesson solely for this topic.

But right now, I’ll outline the Sales Funnel for Peters Pet Project – which I titled: “Long Lost Stock Trading Secrets.

No need for me to explain what the project will be about – I hope.

My Sales Funnel

I’m going to call the elements of my Sales Funnel: Tasks #14, 15, 16 and 17 (see below for more detail).

Here’s my simplified Sales Funnel (I only do simple):

1. My Freebie (Lead Magnet) – Task #14

This will be a useful document, either written by myself or grabbed using one of the 3 methods I outline in Module #2

In this useful document (i.e. my ‘Lead Magnet’) I will probably give away at least one good piece of usable advice

2. My Front End Offer (a.k.a. “Tripwire”) – Task #15

My “Tripwire” will, in all my projects from now on, be mandatory. I never used to include a Tripwire in my projects – and then I tested it and ‘oh boy’ – it works.  Just how much money did I leave on the table?

This is a great way to build a Customer list.  Maybe they will never buy from you again – perhaps because they can’t afford to. But if you offer fantastic value at this stage – they would be unwise not to want more information (assuming that the quality of information is maintained throughout).

3. My Core Offer – Task #16

This would be my “Irresistible Offer” that is covered in Lesson #16.

I typically like to price my offers under the psychological point of $100 – i.e. $97 (or less). Once you start to get into three figures, it seems to have a psychological effect on potential Customers.

However, most of my Core Offers, have an Up-Sell. I didn’t used to do this either until I realized that 40% of Customers who bought my Irresistible Offer, were open to spending even more.

Furthermore, we have probably all seen those offers where up-sell after up-sell is utilized. I hate them.

However, statistics prove that they work.

Even so …

The maximum that I do, is to offer my Up-Sell, say at $147.

But I may also offer after that, a Down-Sell, say at $47 or $67. If it increases sales, why not?

But I would draw the line at one Up-Sell and one Down-Sell.

My Pet Project will have one Up-Sell and one Down-Sell – priced at $147 and $47 respectively or I’ll test some other combo.

4. My Back-End Offer – Task #17

Now this Offer should have been in the back of my mind from Day 1.

Was it?

Being totally honest – yes it was. But only because I have done all this before and I know that planning ahead is very useful.

My Back-End Offer for my Pet Project will be a Membership Site. This may be a continuous member site or a Fixed Term Member (FTM) site. I’ve not decided on that just yet.

I’m erring on the side of a FTM site. I like the idea of creating things once and that’s it. Just the marketing to follow. Having to contend with ongoing content and do the marketing I may find a little too taxing – given that I have other projects.

That’s it for this week.

I look forward to seeing you again next week, where I start to describe how I create products. You’ll love the simplicity of this.  Like the idea of creating a product in days, instead of weeks or months?  Then tune in next week.

                                                                                              A snippet taken from Lesson #10

And the above example is just a small piece of ‘extra’ text from one of the 52 Lessons that you would receive as a member of my: ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ program.

“Here’s Exactly What You Will Get When You Reserve ‘Million Dollar Publisher’ – Today”

    Yes Peter, please sign me up for “Million Dollar Publisher.”  I am eager to get started with my first Lesson immediately, and further Lessons every week for a whole year

I understand I will be charged $97 initially, and then $97 per month for 11 months after the first charge. (Or I can join the program for a one-off cost of $970).

I understand that over the duration of the next 12 months, I will receive:

  1. One comprehensive lesson per week for 52 weeks (each Lesson containing an assignment to be completed) and each one building on the previous one. (Enabling me to earn a significant income as an Information Publisher).

  2. Peter’s Pet Project’ – which is a sort of addendum to each Lesson. In this section you will get to see me actually putting a live project together – ‘cradle to grave’.

  3. A ‘Graduation Bonus’ at the end of the program which will further help me to increase my earnings

  4. A ‘Reference Library’ (containing at least 20 Special Reports) all designed to get me where I want to be – faster

  5. A ‘Million Dollar Toolbox’ which will include, Tools, Software, Workbooks, etc. all which will save me time and effort

  6. Classic works on Advertising written by titans who pioneered the field of marketing long before the internet


  “Now It’s Up To You”

There is one thing that is for sure: one year from today, you will surely arrive. The question is … where?

One: Will you continue as you already are? In which case I wish you all that I wish myself.

Two: Will you subscribe to “Million Dollar Publisher” but not take any action?

Now that would be a crying shame.

You will have already taken the action by joining the program.

The real benefit of this information is that you take action immediately after each (and every) Lesson, and complete the assignments.

Three: Or will you subscribe to “Million Dollar Publisher” and complete all the assignments?

Do that, and you will increase 1,000% your chances of ever being successful.

And, you will have the beginnings of a thriving publishing business.

Your life will be transformed into what you’ve only ever dreamed about – more freedom, more control, more money.

Choose the path that takes you where you want to go.

It’s up to you now.

If you have ever wanted your own home-based business then “Million Dollar Publisher” is without doubt the most affordable, most comprehensive, most complete course you could ever get your hands on.

The limitation on the number of subscribers is no marketing trick. Membership will be capped.

Avoid the disappointment by signing up NOW!

My very best regards,

P.S. Membership will be capped when the set number of subscribers has been reached. The only way to avoid this disappointment is to register now.

P.P.S. Remember, you will not just receive Lessons each week for a whole year, you will also get dozens of extra Bonuses (Your ‘Million Dollar Toolbox‘ and ‘Reference Library‘). At the end of the series there will be a special, not-to-be-missed ‘Graduation Bonus.

P.P.P.S.  I’ve had to shoe-horn this in to the P.S.  It could have been aptly titled:  “Stop Press” because it was, literally, too late to include it in the letter above.  With the (very) recent advent of AI and Chat-GPT the best I could conjure up in terms of content is a Special Report on the topic – which you will receive in the first few weeks of joining. 

However, I wanted to do a little bit more on this revolutionary topic – which is – here to stay.  Which means, you have to comprehend its usefulness.

What I have done (and will improve upon as time goes by) is that, for each Lesson I have included at least one Chat-GPT “Prompt.”  If you are not yet aware of what a Prompt is – it is basically the instruction that you input to Chat-GPT in order to get the response that you are after.  The better the Prompt – the better the resultant response.



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